Xiaomi AX3600 install guide

I extracted qca-IOT-CNSS.zip and recompressed to qca-IOT-CNSS_W.QZ.3.0-00104-QZHW4024-1.tar.bz2 and put it in ./qsdk/dl It doesn't' work. I don't know the original folder structure of that file.
By the way, if you had succeeded in compiling the source code, it should still be in the directory of the source code like this ./qsdk/dl/qca-IOT-CNSS_W.QZ.3.0-00104-QZHW4024-1.tar.bz2 or maybe in here ./chipcode/NHSS.QSDK.10.0/apss_proc/out/proprietary/QSDK-Base/qca-IOT/qca-IOT.tar.bz
Thank you for sharing.


Thank you but it didn't contain qca-IOT-CNSS_W.QZ.3.0-00104-QZHW4024-1.tar.bz2
Could you please share this folder ./NHSS.QSDK.10.0/apss_proc/out/proprietary/QSDK-Base/ ?
Use command line to find that file by
find . -name "qca-IOT*.tar.bz"

Could you please copy and run this command again because those above commands that my fault it missed .bz2?

find ~/ -name "qca-IOT*.tar.bz2"

Thank you for your reply.

zhiping uploaded this package and the source has also been updated
put /dl


Any idea if the PCIE bus is working on this build ?

This build is qsdk qca-wifi, everything is normal

It seems the qsdk source does not work with the PCIE lanes on the AX3600

[    0.314038] 20000000.pci supply vdda not found, using dummy regulator
[    0.314081] 20000000.pci supply vdda_phy not found, using dummy regulator
[    0.314130] 20000000.pci supply vdda_refclk not found, using dummy regulator
[    0.314730] PCI host bridge /soc/pci@20000000 ranges:
[    0.314756]    IO 0x20200000..0x2020ffff -> 0x20200000
[    0.314770]   MEM 0x20220000..0x2fffffff -> 0x20220000
[    1.465967] qcom-pcie 20000000.pci: phy link never came up
[    1.467525] qcom-pcie 20000000.pci: hostinit failed
[    1.467534] qcom-pcie 20000000.pci: cannot initialize host
[    1.467677] qcom-pcie: probe of 20000000.pci failed with error -110

With the above we lack support for the QCA9889 radio on the PCIe bus


ignore this

Why ? QSDK should support the PCIe gen3 bus on IPQ8071 - IPQ8074 SoC, and it does have a useful 2nd 5g radio attached to it.

It works on stock, so we should at least try get that working :slight_smile:


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