Xiaomi 3G (MIR3G) - Breed bootloader - Configure Dual boot OpenWrt / PandoraBox / Padvan

I confirm that my another xiami 3g works with spi 16mb with your method

  • short j10 and j11
    -remove nand flash and use spi flash 25q128
    But your firmware very strange now:
    -with having internet network wan port , Lan port does not received ip from router. It receives ip from upper router
  • with no cable in wan port, lan port can receive from router.
    It means I can not install package for this router from internet.

For firmware you can use also 4pda firmware or http://downloads.pangubox.com:6380/pandorabox/18.12/targets/ralink/mt7621/

I have compiled PBR-M1 version & not many free space
I use only in relay mode
For the ports LAN & WAN are untagged LAN 2 ( wan ) LAN 3 & 4

For package downloads.pangubox.com:6380/pandorabox not run all the time
This day is OK

For big packages i think that is possible to run with PBR-M2 firmware & W25Q2568FV

Thank you for your help.
I have another question?
In your firmware I can not go to breed boot( press reset button and plug power in), network can not have ip. I set static ip is

  • when router booted. I go to router by ssh and put firmware(padavan or openwrt) by command: Mtd -r write /tmp/firmwre_file firmware. Or i put bootloader to tmp
    All command was lock, can not flash firmware or bootloader.

And another question is I use 25q256 with 16pin does it work?
Sorry my English because I am vietnamese.

With PandoraBox firmware i have tested just at this time with serial console ( ComX 115200):

1 -reset default -> firstboot yes -> reboot -f
2 - login root password admin
3 - ifconfig br-lan ( my computer is )
4 - i connect network cable ( the 2 * LAN or WAN port )
5 - i can ping my computer
After i configure without problem with the web page root admin
WIth reset button ( 10 seconds )
I can connect webpage
For the 25Q256 i have not tested but sure with 8 pins not 16

A little info:

This day http://downloads.pangubox.com:6380/ is ok ...

I try to usb 16pins to 8pins spi then it was death.
I presss reset button and plug power but can not into breedboot and only red led light. I think maybe uboot fail.
I go to firmware page but it has 22mb and my bios only 16mb.
Please tell me how to flash openwrt or padavan for my router
I fell the bios is lock to flash now.

< 16M

for recover have you a USB serial port adapter

usb 16pins to 8pins ???

I try SPI 16pin 25q256 by connect 8 cords to mainboard. It was too hot and dead.
I try flash by command with ssh file but firmware lock
At least I updated from your firmware to padavan now over web. At this time it is padavan.
I have usb serial. Please tell me to change firmware
To openwrt
Have you got a firmware with breedboot then I can write to spi 25q128?

I think for breed:
download : https://breed.hackpascal.net/
edit the firmware and replace boot with hexedit ( top of firmware mtd0 - 0 to 2FFFF )

I have flash breed:with succes

1- flash openwrt Unilec version
2 - configure openwrt
opkg update
opkg install kmod-mtd-rw
insmod mtd-rw i_want_a_brick=1
mtd unlock u-boot

3 - flash this breed boot
mtd write breed-mt7621-pbr-m1.bin bootloader

tested but after i think that PandoraBox is not stable as before ???

Hi, I thinking in installing on my recently acquired 3G breed bootloader to take advantages of it in case of brick, dual boot, etc.

I have already installed OpenWRT 19.07, Can I follow your instructions for installing breed ? Is it safe ?

I have read all the post but I still have doubts...

For install boot breed


opkg update
opkg install kmod-mtd-rw
insmod mtd-rw i_want_a_brick = 1
mtd unlock u-boot or bootloader 
mtd write breed.bin bootloader

How can I flash openwrt18.06.02? Flash from web or i change uboot then update by breedboot

With u-boot i have flashed with tftp openwrt unielec
After i opkg kmod-mtd-rw
i unprotect u-boot
i write breed

After i can flash with breed

What is different between firmware for nand and spi flash?
I creat firmware file with uboot_config_factory.bin and firmware from 50000hex. I can run this firmware but can update firmware from breedboot but it not work.
Your command is install mtd package and unlock uboot to replace uboot. After that did you update firmware to openwrt from breedboot.
Some firmwares are design for nand flash not for spi flash?

For nand flash firmware is official version or Openwrt R3G

Openwrt r3g or pandora

I use Pandora because i can use TV flux by my provider Orange ...

Can anyone confirm that these steps are the corrects ones for installing breed on a running OpenWRT mir3g ?

opkg update
opkg install kmod-mtd-rw
insmod mtd-rw i_want_a_brick=1
mtd unlock /dev/mtd0
mtd -r write /root/breed-mt7621-xiaomi-r3g.bin Bootloader

And that the correct binary is this one https://breed.hackpascal.net/breed-mt7621-xiaomi-r3g.bin ?

Should I make a copy of the bootloader ?


You should always do backups (and keep them safe) of everything you can get, before doing risky things.