Xbox Series Wifi compatability with Openwrt

So like many others I have been using OpenWRT for my wireless AP for a while, the hardware is a Archer C7 v2.

All my wifi clients have been working fine up until I purchased an Xbox Series S.

The issue since using wifi between the two devices is that the Xbox would sometimes connect, and other times wouldnt. Once connected it stayed connected fine. If it didnt connect it would get stuck in a loop connecting and disconnecting continously for about 20 minutes or so until it would just connect, or if I went into Xbox network settings got the AP list up, then cancelled out and boom it would connect.

I then upgraded the Archer to 19.07 from 18.xx, with it came the new ct driver as well, I activated WPA2/3 mixed mode. Again all my devices fine except the Xbox (one plus 6 has some issues but its an android 9 issue almost certianly with half baked wpa3 code in place). The wifi has same symptoms on the Xbox, but this time the workaround no longer works, and if it gets stuck it stays stuck for longer.

I then noticed, that on 2.4ghz it always connected first time, the setting changes between the two AP settings, was 2.4 had some CTS/Fragment settings in place for compatibility, and it didnt have the Krack mitigation enabled. I disabled the Krack mitigation on 5ghz and the Xbox connected first time, however I havent tested repeated reconnections yet s not sure if this has fixed it.

Is this a known issue with Xbox wifi, do others have problems or had them but fixed it?