Xbox One IPv6 disconnecting

Has anyone here tested IPv6 connectivity with their Xbox One? I managed to get v6 working on my network and everything seems ok but for some reason my Xbox One keeps "losing" the IPv6 connection after it runs for a while.

This is visible in the Xbox networking status page and can be confirmed by going to in the Edge browser.

I believe the Xbox is running some sort of test and determining that something isn't working right with my IPv6 connection but I don't know what that would be.

I'm wondering if the issue stems from it not being able to properly forward ports. Does miniupnpd in LEDE support IPv6 forwards? From what I can tell it's supported by the daemon but I don't know if it works in LEDE.

Has anyone tested forwarding IPv6 with miniupnpd?

Any suggestions on how to test why the Xbox would lose the connection? It works and then drops it so I know it can connect.

I found this document which describes how the Xbox uses IPv6 but I'm pretty new to the tech so I'm still trying to understand it.

Could you share information about your ipv6 connection, like prefix and how you're getting ipv6.

So my ISP provides native IPv6. This post has details on how it works but in a nutshell they use prefix delegation to give me a /56:

"Telus uses stateful DHCPv6, but only for Prefix Delegation (PD), and not for Non-temporary Address (NA). This distinction is important, as many DHCPV6 clients assume that once you use stateful DHCPv6, you will get a global scope address from a NA request. This is a wrong assumption and will not work with Telus. The client must only request a PD, and then use this prefix to configure its interfaces, both LAN and WAN."

Almost everything works perfectly with the default config. All I had to do was add ip6assign into my wan6 interface so that the wan would receive and IP (everything else received one automatically). I gave the ip6assign a value of 60 and that seems to work perfectly.

However, I have noticed some off behaviors and the Xbox is the most noticeable in that it will eventually give up on IPv6 and throw away it's v6 address after a period of time. I have no idea what is causing this because all fo the tests when the system first starts will come back as expected. There's a public IPv6 address assigned and the browser will report full IPv6 connectivity.

There's one other odd behavior and that is that my 2.4 Ghz connections don't seem to allow IPv6 on them either. No idea why because when I switch to 5ghz everything works great.

I took at look at the commits since my last build (back in Nov) and there have been lots of IPv6 fixes so I did a new build this morning and so far things seem a lot better. I have left the default config as much as possible and only made critical changes. I left the Xbox One for a bit and it didn't seem to lose v6 but I will have to play with I a little before I know for sure. Hoping it was just a bug in the older versions of LEDE.