Xbox Mn-740 wireless adaptor translator

I have come across a repo that has info on the original Xbox Mn-740 wireless adaptor mainly being some information on the protocol, and an emulator.

This device was controlled by the Xbox to attatch to a wep network using the stock Xbox dash with a custom firmware to communicate with the Xbox to attatch to a wireless network.

I'm wondering if this info could be used to make an app/ script to control a generic dumb OpenWrt AP with better security standards to attatch to a modern network?

I'm guessing a translator could be used to issue UCI commands to configure hardware and one could do something like :

uci show wireless to get a list of the radios
uci set'XX' to set the country
uci set wireless.radioN.disabled='0' to enable the radio
uci commit wireless to comit changes
wifi reload to get everything working
iwinfo (Ifname) scan to obtain a list of SSIDs to relay back to the Xbox.

The xbox could then reply back with connect to your prefered network?
does this seem plausable ?

Below is the link to the Mn-740 reverse engineering project: