Xbox 360 wifi not connecting

I have an xbox 360 slim console and the internal wifi is single band 2.4ghz 802.11 b,g,n but i cant get it to connect to my router it will see the connection but never gets a valid IP address via DHCP and if i force it it still fails.

If i go into the wifi settings and switch to legacy it connects with no issue.

Im wondering on the alternate firmware versions htt and htt full, will switching to them help in this case or maybe a setting in the driver like channel width, allow legacy rates etc would help ?

Did u find any solution for this issue? i cannot connect x360 to openwrt wifi as well, and it doesnt work on both legacy and N, 20 or 40mhz.
When i test the connection on xbox, it shows on my router, it assigns the ip, but it disconnects right after the test and just doesnt work, and when i set dhcp on xbox, it assigns completly incorrect lan ip

you can try to Turn off wireless n and set a static ip address, and disable 802.11w

but ultimatly i swapped my xbox 360 internal wifi card for another model and it worked with out issue.

Could you give me the wireless card model number if its not a problem? Im running out of ideas what else i can do to make it work, i tried playing with static ip and legacy and uh, everything i could think of, ive read that back in 2018 or so, it wasnt an issue, but after an update somewhere in the line, it started to be an issue...

I have a slim console and I just replaced the rf board with another model.

you would be best to open your console and check which one you have and try another.

it was only a few bucks on ebay, id have to open my console again and check.