X86 with MTK drivers

I have build with success with files by ur friend lukasz92 openwrt-r3p-mtk for my newifi-D2 & WR1200JS

Now I have a Cyberoam CR25Wing ( x86 ) i added a MT76x pci card

When i build with X86 CPU options for MTK drivers disappear in make menuconfig

Can find solution this ?

Use the online image builder, to create a custom image with the packages included?

Use the online image builder, to create a custom image with the packages included?

MTK drivers allow me to use STA / LAN and pass Orange TV

This is not the solution i'm looking for because custom images can't incorporate MTK drivers

The vendor supplied, closed source, kernel modules you want to use are not included in openwrt. If you want to use them you are on your own.

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-> jdwl1o1

I know but I'm just asking why in the menuconfig in X86 the options disappear

I don't know much about it but I think it's an error with the config.in files for new drivers

This is not very serious but there may also be other people who are interested

Are you talking about mt76 or mtk?
The only legal way to get the mtk source code is to sign the NDA and get the code from MediaTek.

It is not in the openwrt source tree

I use openwrt-r3p-mtk https://github.com/Azexios/openwrt-r3p-mtk/releases
it works perfectly with my MT7621 boxes & MTK drivers
The concern is that I have a Cyberoam X86 with an mt7612e card
When I run the menuconfig for X86 the kmod-MTK options for the wireless drivers no longer exists

with nossiac it's old

tested at this time and MTK drivers exist for x86 in menuconfig
i build at this time for test

if you're using the repository above, you should probably ask the maintainer ...

maintener ???

I found it at 4pda but it's a Russian site that I can't use

Otherwise it's very good that the OpenWrt driver has some nice additional functions but the basic functions are very good !!!

OpenWRT is an opensource project. The MTK drivers are not opensource. They cannot be distributed with openWRT - either legally or within the brief of the project.

I don't get what you're missing about this (in multiple threads now).

If you don't like it complain to mediatek that their drivers are proprietary.

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As I do since the OpenWrt MT76 drivers do not work correctly?

nossiac problem

in Makefile

PKG_MAINTAINER:=Hua Shao nossiac@163.com

not exist

Looking at a Makefile, I see

define KernelPackage/mt7603e
  CATEGORY:=Kernel modules
  TITLE:=MTK wifi AP driver
  SUBMENU:=Wireless Drivers

So the Makefile explicitely sets a dependency on @TARGET_ramips, ruling out x86. There are some binary files in the src tree. Maybe a binary blob is involved?

I had seen in the Makefile
I will try to modify and put something like x86

it's quite long to compile with a slow computer because I have speed problems with my very fast machine with VNCVIEWER !!!

What does any of that have to do with openwrt?


Annick is having this problem: Why OpenWrt is bad in wifi ( Mt76x )? - #61 by Annick

There have been attempts by people to help you. They have been listening to you. I think one of them has said what you want is impossible with current OpenWRT, but who knows. Maybe it actually is a configuration issue. Maybe something could actually be changed in the code in OpenWRT to make this work, but honestly, the information you provide about your exact configuration and your description of the issue is - for me personally - very difficult to understand. Maybe others also have a tough time understanding you. You ask a lot if you demand a fix without actually pointing people to the exact cause for the problem. Insisting "it does not work", is a very generic statement and still requires people to do some debugging. If you demand other people to do the debugging for you, you might have a higher chance if you are cooperative. You also need to have luck to find somebody who actually is knowledgable and has an interest in fixing your problem. From your posts, it seems to have become clear you have no interest in trying to fix the open source drivers and since OpenWRT is founded on the belief to provide an alternative to vendor provided firmware, to prevent vendor lock in and to provide optional package management, you continuing to ask for support here for vendor firmware seems a little bit edgy to me.

See about OpenWRT:

What is OpenWrt?

Instead of trying to create a single, static firmware, OpenWrt provides a fully writable filesystem with optional package management. This frees you from the restrictions of the application selection and configuration provided by the vendor and allows you to use packages to customize an embedded device to suit any application. For developers, OpenWrt provides a framework to build an application without having to create a complete firmware image and distribution around it. For users, this means the freedom of full customization, allowing the use of an embedded device in ways the vendor never envisioned.

While "What is OpenWRT" never mentions "Open Source", I think building a community around such a project would hardly be feasible without adhering to Open Source standards. I dare to state: If all code were "Closed Source", OpenWRT would not exist. Maybe I am wrong, but I think the direction you venture into is the opposite of what OpenWRT stands for.