X86 UEFI secure boot installation

Hello, OpenWRT noob here. I have been trying to install OpenWRT on my old HP Prodesk 400 G3 mini. This will be a overkill router but i want to be able to run openVPN with high speeds. At first i was thinking abour running it a a "router on a stick". But i'm not shure if this will affect the speed of the internet because of sharing a single ethernet port.
Do you have a recommended setup solution?

I'm thinking about installing a secondary Ethernet port via the mini pcie.
Anybody got any experience with this and recommended model?

My main question i have is about the installation on a uefi system. The guide(https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/uefi-bootable-image)is not not very noob friendly. I tried using a live usb and by using wget (latest stable Generic-ext4-combined-efi image) and dd i installed it on my nvme m.2. When i try to boot i get an error saying "Selected boot image did not authenticate", so i tried clearing the secure boot keys and that did not fix it. Then i tried disabling secure boot and i'm able to boot into openwrt.

Do someone have an easier guide to get uefi/secure boot to work or a workaround? So many questions...

Thanks in advance!
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it will, but not because of the router on a stick, but the single port, but then again, it's hard to achieve 500mbit speeds using OpenVPN in the 1st place.

I'd probably go for a USB ethernet dongle. The TP-Link UE300 is highly spoken of.

seems you've already worked around it by disabling secure boot ?

Secure boot is not supported by OpenWrt - and probably never will be.

Microsoft blessed secure boot signatures are rather expensive and would also require a quite different buildbot procedure and a wide ranging paradigm shift (the first stage signed bootloader wouldn't be rebuildable at will, as it takes weeks/ month to get the updated version signed by Microsoft; personal test builds wouldn't be possible at all (neither by project developers nor users wanting to build OpenWrt).

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Thanks for the USB Ethernet dongle recommendation. I will probably try the router on a stick setup since i still need a switch for this too work.

I will go ahead and use it with secure boot off thanks!

Thanks, i will turn secure boot off and everybody will be happy.. :slight_smile: