X86 supported devices in ToH, need git commit?

We know most(all?) x86_64 hw will run Openwrt, but there are some devices better suited for this, than others, mainly based on their low price, and capability to route 1gbit.

I know people have already added Barracuda, Roqos and other brands to the ToH, but I'd like to know if a git commit is required to add a device to the ToH?

If an x86 device can run OpenWrt without any additional commit for adding device specific support, then this datafield can not be filled in into the dataentry.

In all other cases (specific device support needed), a link to the git commit should be present.

RB5009UG+S+IN has a ToH entry and no mainline support yet, e.g. (but a patch set that applies cleanly to master).

Let's use the Cyberoams as an example, there's the W version, with wifi, and the one without.

The W requires additional packages, not included in the std x86 image, to be added, for the wifi to work, would that mean a git commit is required for the W ?

While the non-W version slips under the radar?

Or do we just ignore the fact there's a wifi card in it, just like the x86 doesn't (or didn't) ship with the RTL 2.5GbE kmods ?

It doesn't use a generic image though, or does it ?

Nope, it's ARM64.

Ooh, that reminds me, I wanted to do something not entirely unrelated some time ago. Like I said there, I don't think a ToH entry for each and every X86 device is sensible, it would just bloat the ToH. (Edit: I just saw you were actually active in that topic, too. What do you think, should we tackle this?)


Not for generic "random four port x86 box off AX" devices, but for named ones, I think it'd be a good idea.