X86 Router setup help

I have a PC installed X86 OpenWrt, it works perfect with 0 issues, while i connected it only wan+pc, via PPPoE wan.

I also have an Archer c5 V4, i setuped him as a AP, i've connected him in other motherboard port, but nothing happens, he didn't share internet via wifi. I don't know what to konfig, because i didn't config my other LAN(PC) at all, My mobo have x4 lan ports, and when i plug TP-link in another it didnt apper on interfaces tab.

Sorry, feel like a dumb question ( dumb as dumb access point) but i just can't find info on x86 setup!

Created Eth2 as Eth0, router now flashing orange over Internet logo.., also have TX/RX activity

lol, i just did it.. disabled tarded AP mode on router, enabled dhcp client, and enabled dhcp server on x86 router. works like a charm

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