X86 it won't start

I am trying to run OpenWrt from a USB Flash on my PC. Unfortunately, I can't do it. Does anyone know what the problem is?

looks like it started just fine ?

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Any advice on what I can do? I tried both ext4 and squash images and all with the same result.

It won't show a prompt after it is finished booting, looks like it booted okay. What happens if you hit the enter key? Do you get a prompt?

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Nothing happens after pressing any key. He doesn't respond at all. But after pressing ctrl+alt+delete it says reboot and reboots.

hi, you have many drives and partitions. how did you installed owrt? is root partition in grub config pointing to right partition?

in theory it is using UUID so it should be fixed but any chance you did resize partition or something which would create a new UUID for root partition which is not updated in grub?

I installed by default, I downloaded the OpenWrt image and burned it to USB via BaleaEther.
The UUID seems fine too.

am not sure if default owrt image includes all usb kmods required for an usb stick act as a disk, others may confirm it, but my bet would be that some kernel module is missing hence it cannot detect the root partition on the usb stick. might need a custom firmware with usb related stuff. my guess ...

Can you imagine what they could be like?
I try with kmod-usb-storage,kmod-usb-storage-extras
and still nothing

something from here might missing from your installation

I just dd:ed the non-efi combined x86 22.03 image to a flash drive the other day, it worked without any issues.

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So I built with all the packages from the link and it still didn't work. Well, I finally tried a different USB port and suddenly it started working. The problem was probably with the USB hub. Thanks everyone for your help. Solved.

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