X86 failed install on used pc

I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 micro. I used a bootable finnix to install and overwrite openwrt on sda. However, once I reboot I get "No bootable devices found." so I went to the bios for boot up sequence and I do not have any other option besides windows boot up manager and the flash drive with finnix. I also enabled legacy but nothing changed. I'm only a noob and all I did was follow the x86 installation on hard drive by vantech but also consulted the official documentation on openwrt for the x86 installation but I found nothing wrong in my steps. Please help.

That means you're running in UEFI mode and need to use an EFI image, e.g. https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/21.02.1/targets/x86/64/openwrt-21.02.1-x86-64-generic-squashfs-combined-efi.img.gz - keep in mind that you need to uncompress the image (zcat openwrt-21.02.1-x86-64-generic-squashfs-combined-efi.img.gz >/dev/sdX).

If this doesn't work either, you can use efibootmgr on a linux live medium (e.g. Finnix) to delete the old windows entry (maybe this is already sufficient) and create a correct one for OpenWrt (not strictly necessary, if the generic removable media entry works).

I finally was able to install it. Now I cannot configure it. I can ping the router itself but pinging google.com returns bad address. I saw a similar topic and his solution was to disable dnsmasq. How do I do that?

Doesn't sound like a good advice, until you've provided more info.

What does the setup look like, and what kind of WAN connection have you got?

Do you have two ethernet ports?

The setup is gl-inet b1300-->optiplex 9020(openwrt). I only have one ethernet port and I was going to install the package kmod... to be able to use a usb ethernet adapter. But since I cannot get an internet, even though I think ifconfig says I have, I cannot install any packages.

if you only have one port, it's be configured as LAN, by default.

I'd temp reconfigure the LAN interface to DHCP client, instead of static IP, to get the packages you need for the ethernet adapter, then change it back again.

but if you already have a b1300, why a secondary router ?

How do I exactly do that? What's the command to type?

I have 800/18mbps and need to do sqm and adblock. The b1300 served well until my isp bumped up my download(I used to have 600/18) so fqcodel did not work anymore. Eventually I will have gigabit fiber(crossing my fingers), so I thought why not practice now with x86.

(in 19.07)
Network -> Interfaces -> LAN

I temporarily connected the router to my pc to save it as dhcp. Then after "trying" to save and apply, it failed and tried again. So I plugged it back to the b1300 to get connectivity. I think I still have a static ip because my "uci show network" did not change.

pinging myself gets 100% packet lost but I am now able to ping google.com with no problem

then install the packages required, change the settings back to static, and configure the ethernet adapter as WAN.

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