X86 dual boot: its possible? how?

i bought a x86 mini PC with 64GB SSD and want to create 2 or more openwrt installations on this pc in the internal SSD.
My idea is to keep a working openwrt version in one partition and use another partition (or partitions) to install new openwrt versions, test new configurations, etc so if anything go wrong with new openwrt version or with a new config i can go safely back to my working openwrt version in just a reboot.
I was expecting this to be as simple as installing a windows/linux dual boot but I searched the forum and havent found a definitive guide explaining how to do it.
My question: how can i dual boot (ou multiple boot) openwrt on a x86 64 system? There is anything special i need to do in the disk partitions?


Thanks a lot @frollic I will try your solution and let you know if it works.

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