X86_64 / SQM / Wireguard client / Priotizing HTTPS traffic?


I am running x86 hardware with i7-6500U 2core/4thread.
I have 1000/1000mbps wan.

My PC is behind a wireguard client-interface.
I play alot of games so its pretty common that i download from steam at 100MB/s+ and browsing/watching streams does not work so well while this is happening.

I currently use SQM with cake / piece_of_cake on the wireguard interface that my PC uses. I am only shaping ingress, egress is fine. This works OK dont get me wrong, but i want to improve further.

Ive been trying to read and read different threads and openwrt documentation on how to direct certain traffic to a certain TIN when using diffserv3,4 or 8 - but i fall short...

All i really want to do is to make sure browsing/streaming traffic, from my pc, always gets put into highest priority TIN.

I am "new-ish" to both linux and openwrt so it all feels overwhelming.

Is there a "simple" way to do this? Everywhere i read it seems to be a big script, but im thinking, when i only need this simple thing, maybe theres an easy way?

Appreciate help, thanks

replying to myself, im currently trying fireqos, seems to be really good for my needs, we will see


This question has become relevant for me again, like i said, all i want to do it put https traffic into a certain TIN, can anyone help?

Check out this thread: Ultimate SQM settings: Layer_cake + DSCP marks (New Script!)

It may allow you to achieve your goal. Looks like you'll have to change the DSCP mark to the appropriate value though.

Ye ive been trying to check out this thread but i guess my knowledge is not enough

edit: it also seems like i have to create these veth interfaces, there should be a way to just prioritize https thats it, sqm creates ifb4 interface for ingress shaping, that is not enough, i need veth?

If memory serves veth is only required if your running a router with a built in switch.

I ran it on a old x86 machine without veth as I only had 1 LAN and WAN interface and it worked well.

Thanks, i have 6x ethernet.
1x for WAN and 5x for bridged LAN