X86 4-port router

ok so I got a nice lil x86 mini!

It has a 4-port lan on the board.

Now it took me a while to figure out why I could not connect but it goes like this.

port1-eth0 | port2-eth1 | port3-eth2 | port4-eth3

I had to have my PC plugged in to port1 eth0 to even get to took me a while to figure that out.

Now only way I was able to get online after all that was to have the modem plugged in to port2-eth1

I switch the modem port2 to port4 and that worked like a charm, which leaves with with port2 / port3

Ok so now I have 2 more ports for 2 other computers but I can't get them to work! :rage:

I was able to switch the port1 and port2 around under NETWORK > Interfaces


I cant for the life of me figure out what interface protocol I need to add in here to get eth2 and eth3 to run the other PCs... as you can see in the photo I'm trying LAN2 on eth1 but no clue what to do here :angry:


rough steps...

  • create bridge br-lan ( edit: that is already done )
  • add lan2/3 ( protocol none/unspecified and bring up on boot if needed )
  • place/merge lan1 into br-lan ( not needed is default )
  • put some colored stickers on the case to indicate which port is which...
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there is no "none/unspecified" protocol

I did try to do it that way with Protocol: "Unmanaged"

if that is what you mean and it stil does not work...


  • delete br-LAN2 unless you really want a separate network
  • edit 'LAN' ( which was already a bridge ) and add interface lan2
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I'm soo.... Stupid... HAHAHA wow yeah its pretty late here bro and I should be in bed.

Decided to piss with this after midnight was a bad idea. waste of 3 hours its 3am now.

but you sir are a life savor!!!!

I appreciate you!

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