WZR-HP-G300NH ath79 image based on master, testers needed

I have created an image for Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH based on OpenWRT master (ath79) branch. The device has two variants, one based on switch rtl8366s and the other is based on a switch rtl8366rb. I am calling out for people who have the latter device. I believe the image supports both variants but I cannot be sure before someone with the device verifies this.

The source code changes can be looked at github

The images can be downloaded at here. There are variants for both kernel 4.19 and 5.4 and they don't contain additional packages but luci.


This is great! I have a few WZR-HP-G300NHs (all with rtl8366s, unfortunately) and am glad to see support for device tree.

What's the current status of these patches? It appears they haven't been merged yet? If you are still waiting for testing with rtl8366rb, perhaps we could add an announcement to the Table of Hardware page for visibility? (And move forward regardless if a tester can't be found in a reasonable amount of time?)

Thanks for all of your work on this @sandberg!

TL;DR - Both variants are working now but some study is still needed in order to combine them in the same DTS file.

I am quite happy with the S variant and I have used it at home as my main router. I have received some review comments for my PR (https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3062) but I am not sure if they are happy with the way I implemented the CFI patch needed for the flash memory.

Recently I received feedback about the RB variant saying that the patch set did not work with it. Consequently I marked the PR as draft and started looking for fixes. Suitable change set for RB is at another branch (https://github.com/msandber/openwrt/commits/wzr_hp_g300nh_support_rb).

At the moment I am looking at possibilities to define both variants in the same DTS file a and the plugin mechanism (https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/devicetree/overlay-notes.html) looks promising but it needs some study, changes and testing still.


I have several of these installed I will be watching your progress... thanks!

I consider the PR to be ready now but it will be up to the reviewers to decide. In the meantime you can find ready images for testing at https://owncloud.ut.ee/owncloud/index.php/s/bMDijZQsb67tFRC

Please note that there are two different images, one for RB and one for S variant, and images have a postfix respectively. If you flash the wrong one you can recover with TFTP and using the right one.

I would love to have a new version for my g300nh too. Sadly, this is my only device, so i cant risk breaking it. Especially as i work from home nowadays.
I have the S one too, by the way... If i can help somehow... Let me know. I do have a lot of linux/unix experience (i even did some kernel-stuff in the past)

I am having my hopes high that the PR will be accepted to the master in the near future. The images have been tested on both RB and S variants and flashing it is safe as long as you choose the correct image version. Do note that I flashed on top of 19.07.6 so I cannot speak of anything else.

The PR was merged to master a few hours ago.

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And now it has been merged to 21.02. Looks like that the old reliable work horse does not get to retire just yet. :slight_smile:

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