WZR-600DHP2 poor wifi performance: seeking help /offering testing


I've got a brand new WZR-600DHP2 running 17.01.1 and the wifi performance is so bad that I got another model altogether just to have stable connections.

Specifically, even sitting next to the router, signal on 2.4GHz is noticeably lower than the other networks (on distant channels, not an interference issue) and the signal on 5GHz is so low that sometimes it is barely detectable and most of the time it is not even picked up. I doubt it's a hw issue, since the stock firmware worked fine with respect to signal strength.

As I said, I have another router/ap to use in production so this leaves me with the WZR-600DHP2 as a playground. I would like to get in touch with developers working on this model or on its radios, in order to check if I have made silly mistakes and maybe help them with testing, if needed.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is a known problem with b43 driver and there isn't any simple solution to this. There is quite some calibration (and other too) code missing.

So, basically I should just find a way to restore either the original firmware or DD and sell it, right? :smiley: