WRTnode2P missing AN radio

Hi all

I have a WRTnode2P, which is one of Aliexpress MediaTek MT7628AN router that is supported by OpenWRT

This ship with OpenWRT 19.07 that shows two radio (sorry did not checked too much).

Now I have flashed 21.02 and there is only one 2.4Ghz bgn radio (checked with iw list)

Checked the spec about MT7628AN and it does have only one single radio. Is it a fake, right?


Actually I have found the issue and solved. The WRTnode2P images in 21.02.0 does not include kmod-mt76x2 whereas this chinese WRTnode2P has a PCI MT7662E NAC radio

I am not sure if this is supposed to be included or the chinese used a reference design adding PCI radio

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