WRT32X with 18.06.4 - 2.4GHz dies after a few weeks

Ran into an odd issue recently where my WAN1 (2.4GHz) signal just stopped working, it was running / never was stopped in OpenWrt (basically my configuration is essentially default with some security on top of it for the Wireless) - noticed some of the devices in my house were no longer on the wireless.

My 5GHz network was still up and running just fine, and was never stopped - and of course hardwired clients continued to work just fine.

Bouncing the unit had everything come back up, and clients reconnect successfully.

I likely lost information in the process of rebooting, but for the sake of troubleshooting or figuring out what happened, does anyone have any advice on what to capture in the event that this happens again or is this something that anyone is familiar with happening where only one of the radios/frequencies stops seemingly randomly, but comes back up after a reboot?

I've heard of issues with 5GHz disconnects due to DFS/etc, but again - my 5GHz was completely fine and rock solid.


Try installing the latest drivers from

Interesting, they seem a bit... dated - from March 2019 this year? Isn't 18.06.4 a newer release, and should have these changes present?

Additionally I'm curious if there's a "changelog" or commit history of sorts / difference between using these and the stock 18.06.4 drivers/etc.

Thanks for the source and information!