Wrt32X Problem with 5MB/s over Wifi and 25MB/s over Lan

Hi I just installed and configured OpenWrt with External USB Drive, i was very happy but not very long time, till I started copy new files to USB Shared.
When i Copy using Wifi Max speed is 5MB/s, when I'm downloading something using Wifi my speed is less than 5MB/s i have 100Mbps/100Mbps channel.
So i Expect that I can download something in Torrent with 10MB/s speed and copy files with at least 5MB/s in LAN.

There is something strange with default Firmware Configuration, how you solved this problem?

There is also problem if i copy file from over 5GHz wifi to any lan PC, speed 5MB/s it is not USB drive, it is something with OpenWrt firmware