WRT32x not create switch (mvebu uses now DSA instead of swconfig)

After upgrading to Kernel 5.4 in Linsys, I don't have a tab with a switch. The router does not get up after upgrading. Only when it clears the memory will it start. But because there is no "switch" tab in Luci, I can't set vlans. Please advise me if something has set me up, is this an error in openwret?

It was changed to "switchless" DSA approach in last week by @adrianschmutzler. He may be able to help you.

I have not seen any real docs about VLAN config for DSA so far, and only little relevant discussion here:

Forum search mgiht provide more hints on what is the correct approach with DSA.

Developer mailing list:

Some hints in the two PRs I linked in post