WRT3200acm works on 23.05.2 except WPA3

I've had a WRT3200acm for years running an old OpenWRT. I just upgraded it to 23.05.2 and it seems to work as I need it (VLans & wifi & routing) except that WPA3 fails.

The wiki page for the WRT3200acm indicates builds would not be made after 23.02, but obviously that's wrong as I downloaded it.. (Can someone update the wiki page? Thanks!)

The wiki page also states that WPA3 fails "due to mwlwifi issues". Is this just a driver issue that may get fixed, or is it a hardware or radio issue that can't be solved?

I do want to move to WPA3 soon, so I may be retiring the WRT3200acm.

I use WRT3200ACM with EAP615-wall and it works great. WRT3200ACM is a very powerful router and I would recommend to use it as a wired router only and use a separate AP for WiFi.

WPA3 and mwlwifi never worked, so that shouldn't be a regression relative to your old OpenWrt version - it's just a result of the driver/ firmware to coping with that (new'ish) feature. There has been some work on improving this situation, but it's still a hit or miss scenario, it doesn't help that Marvell has dropped support for their chipset over half a decade ago.

Linksys wrtxxx support in 23.02. had been dropped because of hard-to-fix (because that would have implied major backporting from newer kernels) issues in the switch driver, it's back in 23.05.x and beyond (as those versions come with a new enough kernel and switch driver to sort this issue).

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Lately, after several years' hiatus, there has again been some mwlwifi development, as @jbsky did improvements into mwlwifi, which are now in the mwlwifi repo.

There is discussion starting from message 950 here, but I think that wrt3200acm and wrt32x with the 8964 chip still miss wpa3 while other mwlwifi users have it.

But in general, the changes are in master and 23.05 since Nov 2023.

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Well, The 21.02 post mentions the 8964 chip. The current 23.05.2 was released 10 days before the 25 Nov 2023 change. Maybe I should try a snapshot.

Thanks for the info!

For the 23.05 branch, the fix was backported in Dec 2023, after 23.05.2.

Right now you should either build by yourself, or use a main/master snapshot, or a 23.05-SNAPSHOT build. (I think that the auc/attendedsysupgrade also supports 23.05 snapshots.)

semi-hidden download dir for 23.05-SNAPSHOT: https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/23.05-SNAPSHOT/targets/mvebu/cortexa9/

23.05.3 might be coming in the next few weeks. Based on a few comments, it sounded like it might be tagged soon (and would in practice be the same as the current 23.05-SNAPSHOT)

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Alas, no joy. I tried the 23.05-SNAPSHOT and got the same behavior as before with WPA3-SAE: Repeated requests for the wifi password. The most interesting message in the syslog is
Sun Mar 17 01:11:08 2024 daemon.info hostapd: phy0-ap2: STA 00:11:22:33:44:55 IEEE 802.11: Station tried to associate before authentication (aid=1 flags=0x40048e00)

Again, I appreciate the info. I'll go back to the release and drop to WPA2-PSK for now. I will be looking for a new router or access point.

Yeah, the Linksys mvebu routers wifi development was practically abandoned some 5 years ago when Marvell sold its wifi chip division to NXP.
The recent efforts in OpenWrt have mitigated some bugs, but issues caused by the large closed-source firmware blob can't be debugged or fixed.

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As @hnyman notes, there have been recent developments on the mvebu platform, and while I have found good stability on my WRT1900ACS with WPA3 and 5Ghz running recent Snapshot builds, I have returned to my usual scenario of running it ‘wired’ only combined with an AP for wifi.

Despite their age and their endemic wifi issues these are still robust and powerful platforms, with useful life for the foreseeable future on OpenWrt.

There is also a well regarded Community Build dedicated to this platform running main/master builds typically updated at least bi-monthly that can be found here: