WRT3200ACM WLAN Problem

I'm running a LEDE build from here:
which has been great, for the most part...
(Thanks, David!)

After install, Status / System shows:
Model: Linksys WRT3200ACM
Firmware Version:
Lede leviathan IV SNAPSHOT r3293-f791fb4 / LuCI Master (git-17.034.72963-f1820de)
Kernel Version: 4.4.46

Now about once a day, both radios go off-line.
I've captured logs. The system log is here:

There's so much going on I'm not sure which to pay attention to:)

So a few questions:
Are others seeing problems with the radios?
Are there any known work-arounds?
Is there a later build I should try?


A known issue.

Thanks. Is a build with the new (alpha?) firmware out anywhere I can get to test?
(The "rearchitected" one @https://github.com/yuhhaurlin mentioned a couple days ago.)

My setup is experimental (for now anyway) so I don't mind helping to test things.

Not to my knowledge. When a new blob is pushed it will show here, and if you roll your own you can add it at that point, or wait for it to find its way into LEDE master and then take a nightly snapshot image.

The issue has been updated with link to pre-QA mwlwifi for those that want to kick things around. Apparently not yet for the rango though unfortunately.

@anomeome since you seem to be in the know -- does the Kaloz'es mwlwifi driver fix the wifi issues? Is it coming to the master branch? Can (where?) it be placed on a current build to alleviate the WiFi issues?


PS. I switched back to EA8500 as my main router because WiFi on 3200ACM was just way too unreliable after about a day and/or when the router CPU utilization spiked up, I'd appreciate an advice on when it's safe to switch back to 3200ACM. :wink:

from discussion on the mwlwifi driver github, it looks like he is re-working the
driver and working to fix some problem on the 3200, so I would say it's probably
not in LEDE yet :slight_smile:

the openwrt forum for the wrt1x000ac series usually sees announcements of new
drivers showing up, along with comments as they get added to LEDE and OpenWRT

David Lang

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Put this in your build and turn that other radio on :wink:.

No, for the rango there is nothing there as of yet, but the readme.md at the link gives an idea of how to change things out to use the one from there when the time comes; except you would change:


When something does show up here I'm sure someone will push a change with great rapidity to trunk.

I have not tried that pre-QA mwlwifi as my mamba started with the random reboot that others have noted, so I swapped it out for the rango to see if I could catch the cause. No luck yet.