WRT3200ACM | Wireless 5Ghz configs wiped out

I have a WRT3200ACM router which was flashed to the OpenWRT 18.06.4...I have three different wireless I setup,

  1. Guest network ,
  2. media wireless,
  3. wireless lan

Everything was going good for about 5days and then suddenly I loose one of my network; logged into the router and noticed the radio2 Operation Frequency had nothing within then the "Mode", "Channel", and the "Width" nothing.
So I hard rebooted the router and the settings came back....the router ran perfectly for anther 4-5days then the same thing happened again.

What can be causing this issue? this is annoying...any advice would be helpful.


You should not use the third radio on this device, it's mostly nonfuctional, and can interfere with the other radios.

eduperez thank you for your input….but there shouldn't be an issue with interference as all antennas are on different frequency.

Most third radios are not designed for use; interference was never mentioned.

If It works for you, enjoy it...

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