WRT3200ACM - Tri-Stream 160

Hello, I have the WRT3200ACM.

How can I enable Tri-Stream 160?

I have 160 MHz configured on Channel 100, according to my calculations I have only two data flows 867 Mbit/s * 2 ≈ 1733 Mbit/s

The router has 4 antennas, I do not understand why with 4 antennas only 3 data flows are possible, instead of four.

OpenWRT shows:

1733.3 Mbit/s, 160 MHz, VHT-MCS 9, VHT-NSS 2, Short Gi
6.0 Mbit/s, 160 MHz.

MARVELL 88W8964 802.11NAC

Measure when you're running traffic...I assume greater than 1733 / 2 == 866.5 Mbps

:spiral_notepad: The display you posted is not static.

Also, explain how you determined the an antenna was off with physical information/data about the radio or antenna.

I understand that an antenna is used for each data flow.

Cisco indicates that the router is capable of three flows at 160 MHz (Tri-stream). Each flow has a link of 867 mbit/s, then ...

867 mbit/s * 3 = 2600 mbit/s

But my link is 1733 mbit/s, as indicated by Openwrt and Windows.

This makes me think that the third data flow is not working, since I lack only 867 mbit/s to reach 2600 Mbit/s.

As I do not see any option in OpenWRT, to indicate the number of data flows, I assume that a flow is not active, since I am missing exactly 867 mbit/s, to reach 2600 Mbit/s.

Mbps is in Spanish (Megabit per second)

Repetiré en su lengua materna. Prueba durante la transferencia de datos. La velocidad mostrada es dinámica.

I will repeat in your native language. Test during data transfer. The displayed speed is dynamic.

:confused: It's the same in all languages.

The link remains constant in 1.7Gbps, during the transfer.
Data transfer also remains constant.