WRT3200ACM pppoe memory leak

I changed my primary connection from mini-itx x86 machine to an Linksys WRT3200ACM during an energy blackout, my ISP didn't recovered so quickly and my pppoe connection would not work and while configuring the router SNAPSHOT, r4855-45d0b88 I saw a severe memory leak on every retry for pppoe connection, like 2MB each time, soon to remain out of memory, at least it would not crash but the response was slow
I started the x86 machine connected the wan port to a switch without pppoe service and it doesn't happen, the used memory would be the same (37MB)
who could I contact regarding this ?

Bugs can be reported here: https://lede-project.org/bugs

I know about that, added my experience FS#833 on existing wrt1900acs bug report, only wanted to cover more possibilities