WRT3200ACM - Davidc502 vs Stock OpenWrt


I have a Linksys WRT 3200ACM router which I got 2nd hand.
The router came with Davidc502's OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r12394-1d4f2ca610
which appears to be the latest build.

I'm used to using DD-WRT but I've been having allot of Wifi Radio issues on 2.4Ghz on my older Linksys WRT 1900 V1. I was only able to get stable 2.4Ghz with Mixed NG and wmm disabled.
So opted to upgrade to the 3200 (as I got it at a good price) and also to give the preinstalled Open WRT a chance. So far I'm impressed (early days for wifi).

I like to keep up to date as much as I can (without breaking stability and where it makes sense) when it comes to router software (FW).

Am I better off installing the Stock Open WRT software or sticking with Davidc502's for my router?
Will the stock builds offer the correct Wifi drivers that are the most up to date and stable?



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David does have some customizations for his build, but i'm not sure what they are, he has a thread for them here and is good about answering questions if you'd like to ask there.

Just keep in mind, the wifi drivers were abandoned over a year ago, and no further updates are expected. Wifi performance and stability are okay, and that is good enough for most. However, if you have a demand for the best wifi, then I recommend buying a wifi access point.
As for Stock, we are comparing apples to oranges, and use OpenWrt for the Operating system and all the modules, not the wifi.