WRT3200ACM and mwlwifi commit on 2017-05-30

Just a note for Rango users and the subject commit. I think this likely cleans up performance for most use cases but I believe WDS has not been added to the new driver yet -- if you use this newer driver WDS mode connections will be broken.

Relevant link is here: https://git.lede-project.org/?p=source.git;a=commit;h=e783f588eba1ef56365f1293e01509140b115f7a

Did the commit get included in the Snapshot dated May 30th ?

A quick check of the kmod versions would indicate the answer to be no. Seems waiting until @yuhhaurlin stamped a version may have been warranted, but this does get more people testing the update; at least when it finds its way into the nightly build.

It should be there now. I have not checked inside the snapshot image, but based on the build info and downloadable module versions, the new mwlwifi driver is included in the r4281-09c2f4a snapshot.



What a difference an hour makes. The bots react/wake-up to commits rather than just time? Making nightly a misnomer.

Yep. Buildbot compiles new version after any new commits.

Depending on the pace of the new commits there may also be days without a build, if there are no commits. Like e.g. for mvebu there has been 3 builds today, but no build on 28th

Time 	Revision 	Result 	Build # 	Info
May 30 19:49 	09c2f4a1763d... 	success 	#251 	Build successful
May 30 08:15 	df5e80eb26bb... 	success 	#250 	Build successful
May 30 00:30 	ce06d2bd01a3... 	success 	#249 	Build successful
May 29 11:42 	9235a29e1a97... 	success 	#248 	Build successful
May 27 19:00 	61eb18d3f744... 	success 	#247 	Build successful

The two-phase build (targat images and packages separately) and the re-use of toolchain in LEDE buildbot makes snapshot building much faster than the old Openwrt buildbot, which always compiled quite everything from scratch.

Wow , that's fantastic !