WRT1900ACS V2 VPN configuration

hello guys ,

question , can someone provide me with link to download the latest compatible version of OpenWRT for Linksys WRT1900ACS V2 ? and I need also how to configure VPN connection on this secondary router as PPTP or L2TP connection with existing PPPoE router.

waiting your reply

also if there is image containing the VPN app, as I tried to add the pptp or l2tp on OpenWRT image but i failed doing this


this one have the VPN options ? or i need to upgrade it to later version?

See the WRT AC Series Wiki:

Official OpenWrt packages only contain the bare minimum, plus LuCI, allowing for the user to customize their router themselves. If you'd like specific packages and custom configs included within the image, you'd benefit from compiling your own:

  • See Build System Installation & Usage
    • I also created a lite touch script that auto sets up the build environment in Ubuntu and builds the image, with you only needing to utilize the MenuConfig GUI to select the WRT1900ACS and packages you want in the image.

As to configuring a VPN, what errors were you getting (please post the error output within code boxes)?

there is no error , actually I can't see the VPN configuration at all , and when i search for it in the software menu , it's not exist

PPTP is not a secure means to utilize for a VPN.

L2TP is usually implemented alongside IPSec, as L2TP offers no encryption.

I personally recommend OpenVPN.

did you update the package list?
which search term did you use?