WRT1900ACS-v2 (EU) Internet and WIFI cutting off

Hey guys, Using the Router for one of my PCs and the Router is somehow always losing connection i checked adapters options and it said IPv4/IPv6: No internet Access.
Wifi is doing the same thing Does this in anyway has to do with the Firewall, can't figure out the problem yet.. as to why is it causing it in the first place.
Appreciate the help.

2.4 and 5ghz?
Or just one network?

All 3 of them are disappearing at the same time. and when i say 3 The light for the Internet is turning off on the Modem.

Modem or router?

Did you try to reboot modem/ router.
Power cycle reboot..

Yes, that is the first thing i did. still nothing

Anyone has an idea at all?

I don't believe it's something you can (legally) do in perpetuity but you may want to test switching your country code to 'driver default' briefly. Be a good radio citizen.