WRT1900ACS 21.02 Reboots & hangs + iPad 5ghz bugs

Hi, im hoping someone could please shed some light on my current issues!

Im experiencing bugs when running the latest build (21.02.0)
on a Linksys WRT1900ACS V2 router

At around 2 days uptime, it decides to reboot and hangs indefinitely in limbo,
nothing works, power LED just blinks away constantly while all others are off
Trying to turn off and on quickly doesn't bring it back up, it just remains frozen.
I have to leave it unplugged for around 5 mins, and then it comes back to life.

Power supply is not an issue, as i have tried different ones
And it doesn't appear to be overheating.
I cant see anything obvious in the logs either

Also when connecting a relatively new gen ipad to the 5ghz band, every few hours the connection for that ipad totally hangs, and the ipad needs rebooting to fix it.
However 5ghz work fine on any other device in the house, (Windows/Linux PC's, Raspberry pi's, Android phones etc)
For now, the ipad runs okay on 2ghz!

Anyone else running the WRT1900ACS with 21.02 and have similar issues?
For now im going to try roll back to version 19.07.8 and see if that helps.

Insight is appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you are using WPA3 or WPA2/3 mixed, switch to WPA2.