WRT1900ACS 21.02.3 -> 22.03.2 Ports/APs not working

I dont really know anything about networking, but I have to use something like openwrt for work.

I upgraded to 22.03.2 last night and found out that one of the ethernet ports on the back of my router isn't working at all. That one's connected to an Apple TV.

I'm using the base configuration of openwrt, only a few port forwards nothing else.

My config is:
ISP modem -> My WRT1900ACS in PPPOE -> switch -> Unifi AP, Mac, PC devices
-> Apple TV
-> Lanberg AP

The Apple tv is no longer connected as that specific port is no longer working, the lanberg ap is fine, the unifi ap stopped giving internet completely. Mac, PC are working fine as they're both wired to my switch.

Your description of how things are connected is kind of confusing.

Also confusing... You said one port isn't working yet in later sentence you say "unify ap stopped giving internet completely" but by the way you describe the connection is to your switch.

Have you tried putting some other device on the Apple TV port to test? If so do you get a link light on the router and device?

Hi @dumbledor,

I had exactly the same problem and thought it was related to 22.03.2 as well.

At the end, the problem (at least on my side) wasn't 22.03.2 and I think it it the same for you.

The thing is, the DSA migration of the target used by the WRT1900ACS. Please have a look for a

option type 'bridge'

setting in one or more of your "interface" sections in /etc/network config file and remove them. With DSA this is no longer a supported option here but has to be in a device section.

I had exactly your symptoms. Port one wasn't working at all and the others had weird behavior.

I hope this helps.

Best regards