WRT1900AC cobra support discontinued?

question in the subject. i do not see updates since 22.03.2, does this mean that you discontinue the support for the WRT1900ACv2 or that an update is not necessary at this time?
This device is from 2015 but with its 4 high gain antennas and openwrt it makes my life so much better since 2016..
great job, thank you
big fan here

Reason is in OpenWrt 22.03.3 third service release, snapshots are still produced, AFAIK.

thanks for the return. i am not sure i understand the language of broken mv88e6176 switch... if snapshots are still produced, it means my old cobra will still be supported?
thank you

I believe the fix is already in the snapshots, but not working (or not applied?) in stable.
Might be a kernel release issue.

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thanks again.

This is my understanding as well. Upgraded from 22.03.2 to Snapshot on WRT1900ACSv2 with seemingly no issues.

Right now the fix is also in the new stable 23.05 (which is in practice the master (snapshots) of five days ago).

The fix is not in the old stable 22.03

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