WRT1200AC v1 Lost Internet Capabilities Running OpenWrt

Hi All!

I've been running OpenWRT for >1 year now. It was configured to connect to my VPN subscription and, aside from a couple hiccups, has been very reliable.

This past Thursday however, it lost all ability to access the internet. When this has happened before, it was just that my VPN connection timed out and rebooting the router would reestablish the connection. Not this time though.

:: Rebooted the router - FAIL
:: Attempted to ping websites and IP Addresses via the router - FAIL (typically, when the VPN would go down, I could atleast do this)
:: Reset all settings to the default OpenWRT settings and reconfigured without the VPN - FAIL
:: Reverted to OEM firmware - SUCCESS -- Internet Works
:: Installed latest Stable OpenWRT firmware (I was running a community build before) - FAIL -- Internet breaks
:: Reverted back to OEM firmware - SUCCESS

So currently, I'm on default firmware and I setup my network so all my devices can talk to each other again. My wife can also use amazon again.

My gut had me worried that there was an exploit and someone took control. But I don't see any similar or recent posts about this issue, I consider my network very secure (or atleast when I had OpenWRT on it... not so comfortable with it now), and my password is crazy complex.

Has anyone experienced this, have any ideas, or is there some more information I could get for you to help me get in the right direction?

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