WRT firmware for XIAOMI R3P pro

I have this XIaomi R3P pro router. I want to run media server mostly music on it. if I install wrt firmware is media(music) server included?

Not by default, but there's packages to install many things, including: sound card drivers, streaming software, DLNA servers, files servers, etc.

Hope this helps.

thanks but how difficult is that? to install music/media server?

What kind?

I surmise that you want to play songs from a USB HDD...or from a network drive???

...or do you want to aggregate network streams???

(Please provide more details - I not even sure what software to suggest at this time.)

I personally don't find hitting the Install button to be that hard. Configuration, depending on what software, may require you to read a wiki or website; and follow its instructions.

I have denon receiver. and it has HEOS app. it plays music from media servers (that's what I try run on the router) when I turn my phone i want to run HEOS app find that media server running on router and listen to the music on my receiver. also i dont think that on linux you can just "hit install button" it much more complicated"