Wrong wifi driver? Why I have generic device wireless overview?

as I have some problems with 2.4 GHZ wifi ( that i'm discussing in another topic), I've seen that my wifi is set like this.

I correctly see wifi 5 as MediaTek MT7610E 802.11bgnac but wifi 2.4 is Generic.
Why that? Is that correct or I have to fix it in some way?
I checked the kmod package and kmod-mt76x0-common and core are already installed...


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It just means that there is no particular hardware name stored for your radio modules in /usr/share/libiwinfo/hardware.txt.

You could obtain the hardware IDs with iwinfo phy1 info and add a new line to hardware.txt along with the proper name for the radio.

In any case, having a "Generic 802.11xyz" radio is no indication for a mismatched driver (in this case there would be no radio initialized at all).


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