Writing from <stdin> to firmware ... [w]

Writing from <stdin> to firmware ... [w] what does the line mean?

It's a log of "mtd" command and it means "writing a firmware image passed from standard input (stdin) to firmware partition in flash chip".

[w] : writing
[e] : erasing

line 292 or 294:

when it is writing if i input something on the terminal foreground, may flash firmware bad or to brick?

No, each is independent.

it means the upgrade process stdin is independent?

most *nix application will accept input while running, but it won't be process until there's an input prompt.

it's like doing a cp of a file, and typing in cli, while the cp runs in foreground. it'll cache the input, but process it after cp have finished running.


Or unless you send special key combination like Ctrl+C, that usually means stop the current action or terminate the process.

That's another reason it is still listening to input.

yes the "stdin" of the mtd command in this case is just receiving the data from the get_image command, through a "pipe" (the "|" )

get_image "$1" "$2" | mtd $MTD_ARGS $MTD_CONFIG_ARGS -j "$UPGRADE_BACKUP" write - "${PART_NAME:-image}"

This is not your console's stdin

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