Wr740n V2.23 lost WIFI after ROM mod 4Mb to 8Mb

Hello all,

I am using OpenWrt since long years ago but now I arrived into an issue I am struggling to figure out how to fix it.

Have replaced the ROM 25Q32 for a 25Q64 that duplicates de ROM.

  1. Read original rom
  2. erase new rom
  3. create bin file with original rom and all next address at FF (empty)
  4. flash and install in the board.

Apparently all fine, powered on and started working but no WIFI.

Suspect some lines need to be moved to a further address or something similar, but struggling to know which ones and to where.

Anyone can give me some tips?

You need to restore the contents of the ART partition, on these devices this is always located at the last 64 KB of your flash (and likewise you need to adapt the DTS for the new partition sizes and locations).

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thank you.

Fixed, was exactly the issue.

restored the ART MTD and started working.

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