WPS button in LUCI web-interface on X86?


we're running OpenWRT as a KVM-guest. I've removed wpad-mini and installed wpad and hostapd-uitls. LUCI shows Enable WPS pushbutton, requires WPA(2)-PSK. Naturally x86/KVM hosts do not have a physical WPS-button.

Is there any way to have a WPS-button in LUCI?

Thanx for any hint! :smiley:


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Can you explain more about the button you wish to program, and how it's attached to the host?

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There is no physical button on X86/KVM hosts.
That's why I'm asking about a HTML-button in the LUCI web-interface for the WPS Push-Button function.

In theory it could be made possible using a USB to gpio Adapter like a Adafruit Trinket


Then using GPIO pin to read the state of the button and mapping it to the WPS function under OpenWRT


I was referring to something like @markbirss posted.

But, I'll move this thread to the For Developers section for you. There should be straightforward commands; but I don't personally know how to program them into the GUI.


i flashed a mr44 cisco meraki and i have to say that a wps activation button would be usefull in Luci because i dont have WPS physical button neither ...

is there a way to simulate it via a CLI command ?

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to get you guys started....

  1. install luci-app-commands

  2. go to system > commands [tab] configure

  3. Click add

  4. Enter.... DESC:wpstrig COMMAND:/bin/wpstrig.sh [save-and-apply]

paste this into say... /bin/wpstrig.sh


wps_catch_credentials() {
	local iface ifaces ifc ifname ssid encryption key radio radios
	local found=0

	. /usr/share/libubox/jshn.sh
	ubus -S -t 30 listen wps_credentials | while read creds; do
		json_load "$creds"
		json_select wps_credentials || continue
		json_get_vars ifname ssid key encryption
		local ifcname="$ifname"
		json_load "$(ubus -S call network.wireless status)"
		json_get_keys radios
		for radio in $radios; do
			json_select $radio
			json_select interfaces
			json_get_keys ifaces
			for ifc in $ifaces; do
				json_select $ifc
				json_get_vars ifname
				[ "$ifname" = "$ifcname" ] && {
					ubus -S call uci set "{\"config\":\"wireless\", \"type\":\"wifi-iface\",		\
								\"match\": { \"device\": \"$radio\", \"encryption\": \"wps\" },	\
								\"values\": { \"encryption\": \"$encryption\", 			\
										\"ssid\": \"$ssid\", 				\
										\"key\": \"$key\" } }"
					ubus -S call uci commit '{"config": "wireless"}'
					ubus -S call uci apply
				json_select ..
			json_select ..
			json_select ..

#if [ "$ACTION" = "pressed" -a "$BUTTON" = "wps" ]; then
	ubusobjs="$( ubus -S list hostapd.* )"

	for ubusobj in $ubusobjs; do
		ubus -S call $ubusobj wps_start && wps_done=1
	[ $wps_done = 0 ] || return 0
	ubusobjs="$( ubus -S list wpa_supplicant.* )"
	for ubusobj in $ubusobjs; do
		ifname="$(echo $ubusobj | cut -d'.' -f2 )"
		#if [ -e "/var/run/wpa_supplicant-${ifname}.conf.is_multiap" ]; then
		#	ubus -S call $ubusobj wps_start '{ "multi_ap": true }' && wps_done=1
			ubus -S call $ubusobj wps_start && wps_done=1
	[ $wps_done = 0 ] || wps_catch_credentials &
return 0
  1. Make it executable
chmod +x /bin/wpstrig.sh
  1. Navigate to system > custom commands [ click run ]

See how you go with that.... never use/used wps myself so no idea what you do on a device level.... but you should see something like this in logread;

Sat Jun 22 01:52:55 2019 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: WPS-PBC-ACTIVE
Sat Jun 22 01:54:55 2019 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: WPS-TIMEOUT

thanks wulfy23

it's working like a charm ,

i dont know why its working only on my wlan2 interface but it's doing the job and i was able to connect my surface tab using wps !!

now i will be able to connect my A/C device thanks to you

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Excellent solution - works perfectly.

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This post is now obsolete because there is already a WPS button in LuCI. It can be tested using snapshots.

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