Wpa2 -wpa3, encryption mode?


I'm using the same mode since 5 years but I wonder if you are using the same? wpa3 must be better I guess, but which one in the list?


What's your device, and what openwrt version are you running?

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And 22.03 and master, both depending

Yes, WPA3 is the newest and strongest wifi encryption standard to date.

However, not all devices can use WPA3, so "better" doesn't matter if your devices have not been updated to support WPA3. Modern/up-to-date phones and full computer OSs (Mac, Linux, Windows) can often, but not always, support WPA3 properly, but older devices and especially IoT products typically only support WPA2.

And while we're talking about this, there is a mixed mode (WPA2/3) operation, but that can sometimes also cause issues with older devices (and even some newer ones).


Ok so better to stay with WAP2

I can't really say if WPA2 or WPA3 is best for you, but if you have older devices that may not support WPA3 and/or you have IoT devices to consider, WPA2 is more likely to be trouble free.

That said, if you have a separate network for IoT devices, etc., you could always use WPA2 for that and WPA3 for the trusted LAN (assuming the devices on the main lan do support WPA3).

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