WPA2 Enterprise not available

I'm running 2x TP-Link Archer C7's (v2) behind a pfSense firewall.
Both the Archer's run LEDE Reboot 17.01.2
Everything runs well but I want to take the security to a higher level and swap WPA2-PSK for WPA2 Enterprise.
pfSense is capable of running a Radius server to I set one up.
But I'm not able to choose WPA or WPA2 Enterprise in Luci, I only have PSK.

Is LEDE not able to use WPA2 Enterprise of am I missing something?

Remove wpad-mini and install wpad (full version)

Thanks for the ultra fast reply!

  1. opkg update
  2. opkg remove wpad-mini
  3. opkg install wpad
  4. WIN!


You'd (at least) need to install wpad-full, and I'm not sure of LuCI has the necessary bits and bolts to set up WPA2 Enterprise.

But LEDE/OpenWrt allow you to set it up just fine.

Thanks for your reply as well.
wpad is installed now and I can configure WPA (2) EAP from Luci. :smiley:

Hi Panja
I am also using Archer C7 and need to take the security with WPA2 Enterprise. I am using only Putty to install wpad but failed. Am i missing somethings?
Would you please to advise me how to install wpad on the router?

It seems that with the later openwrt release (I'm using OpenWrt 19.07.6 r11278-8055e38794)
packages names is changed:

wpad-mini -> wpad-basic

so the steps are:

  1. opkg update
  2. opkg remove wpad-basic
  3. opkg install wpad
  4. and, of course, WIN!
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