WPA2 Enterprise No VLAN in Luci

I've been trying to configure the use of RADIUS on my router, but it doesn't seem to respect the VLAN tags the user is assigned to. Someone told me this has to be configured, but I can't find any configuration regarding dynamic_vlan in the UI.

Is this feature still missing?
Can't be difficult to add a checkbox to enable dynamic VLANs right?

First off, "AP-VLAN" operation needs to be supported by the wifi driver. In particular it is not supported by ath10k.

Because of that it has been a while since I've tried to set it up. I think you need a file to map the VLANs to a network name, and pre-define networks to receive the users on different VLANs.

I'm using a MR18 Meraki, currently ar71xx, future ath97.

Figured the wireless file needs a dynamic_vlan tag set to 2 and since the device doesn't have a switch VLANs are created by adding a new interface with ethX.V.

After messing around a bit, traffic seems to pass but I don't want to have to mess around in some configuration file only for it to be rewritten everytime I change something in the UI. I would just be happy to be able to set the dynamic_vlan value from the UI page.

If I misunderstood how this all works, please correct me.

Added the features into the UI and all seems to work.


My current configuration allows my test user with an assigned VLAN on a RADIUS server to connect to my SSID. The device is then assigned the VLAN network interface dynamically.