WPA2 enterprise network setup in linksys router 3200ACM

can someone help me with setting up wpa2 enterprise network in OpenWRT, please

As a starter:

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thanks for the replay by the way is their any video of it where i can follow the steps that will make life easier.
kind request

Youtube perhaps?


What is the scope? Is it about configuring OpenWRT-AP (radius-client) connecting to an existing radius server? Or do you need to build from scratch the radius server as well (on local OpenWRT-AP or on a dedicated lamp-server)?

thanks for the reply the aim is to set up the WAP2 enterprise network using RADIUS-based authentication for the client and I decide it to use Linksys 3200 ACM using Open WTR router where it has a RADIUS server built-in within the router (Linksys 3200 ACM openWrt.

When using stable 18 or 19 release I would:

  1. AP: remove wpad-basic and install hostapd (full version) or hostapd-openssl (if you need wpa3 enterprise). LuCI will now show additional config needed for radius config.
  2. Radius server: load freeradius3-common and freeradius3 together with the freeradius-mod-* according your needs. As I use dedicated server running full-featured freeradius3 on top of mysql I have 0 experience running freeradius server on OpenWrt (it seems to me you can choose btwn sql db solution or authorisation txt files).

You could build yourself OpenWrt instead as well and include the required modules in your build.

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thanks for the reply do you know any addition guide-line/ source (configuration) i can follow which will help me a lot.

does not support WPA3.

does not exist.

The package to install (unless you have a reason to do otherwise), would be wpad-openssl.

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I meant hostapd-openssl, and it does support wpa3 as I currently use it. In this context I would refrain using wpad as wpa-supplicant is not needed and it safes memory. The aim here is to use wpa2 enterprise (and maybe wpa3 enterprise if needed) together with embedded radius server on same device.

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oh okey thanks for the infromation i hope it would be straightforward for deploying and also if you have done in past can you make an video (step by step guide) so that people can use it in future days. kind request.