Wow just wow I love openwrt / lede

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to you and the openwrt guys.

I installed latest snapshot onto my tp link WA801ND v4 - i used the firmware locked workaround with the script in the SSID to install the V3 firmware!

Amazingly simple to get stuff working from command line.

I now have a primary SSID and guest SSID - with no local lan access thanks to /etc/config/firewall and some great wiki pages and some google Fu.

I am definitely using openwrt / lede instead of DD wrt from now on and actually prefer the command line.

Great work

Shame that the openwrt forum is down though as every time I did a Google search to figure out an issue I has first results were for forum.openwrt and that's not responding for like a day now


Glad its working well for you!

LEDE and OpenWRT are again "one and the same", though there are two forums that aren't "mirrors" of each other. (No, I don't know what the project is planning for the future.)

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This is a Global DNS issue. It will be worked out soon. There are other threads on this site about it.