Would OpenWRT slow my internet speed down?

Good point... But in the link you sent, it seems the router is on discount. But in my country (amazon.tr) the price is fixed and it is not on discount. So the price won't be a problem for me at this point.

Well informed 'trial and' error (see https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/traffic-shaping/sqm-details#sqmlink_layer_adaptation_tab for the details).
I would start by taking a few capacity tests (vulgo speedtests, even though these do not measure distance/time) and using the net information rate number you can reliably measure as gross shaper rate into the sqm config, together with overhead 44 that should give you a starting point that should be a bit below the true capacity, but not by more than ~5-10%. From that basis you can try changing the shaper rate in both directions and see how that affects measurable bufferbloat as measured with quick and dirty tests like:
(pay attention how the latencies during load compare to the idle latency, keep in mind that in the default config cake and fq_codel allow 5ms of standing queue, so yu need to allow for some increase under load).

Ugh.. I am sure that you are giving me a very great direction but I can barely understand what you are talking about hahah. Once I get a router myself, I will check this message and apply as you said.

By the way, my current modem (ZXHN H186A V2.0) has a QoS settings page. I am able to limit my speed via this. But the problem is that even though I limit my internet speed, there is no change in my latency rates. Do you know what is the reason of this? Or should I open another topic for this issue?

I see that my internet speed is limited as I set, but no difference in the latency... That is the main reason why I am planning to get a router and use SQM.

I am sure you will manage well, otherwise there is always the forum to discuss specific issues...

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Not many manufacturers really understand and accept bufferbloat as a problem. As a consequence often their traffic shaping solutions seem not aimed at fixing bufferbloat. SQM only gets into the traffic shaping business to get control over the bottleneck buffers, the real 'magic' is in the active queue management (AQM) and the traffic scheduler...

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Well, thanks for explaining. SQM and AQM are two different processes it seems. As far as I understand I can use SQM by installing a supported device OpenWrt. But how can I use AQM? Or do I even need to use it? Hahaha I feel so dumb.

45$ ?
Go to category, set filter, look for "recommended" devices

Btw, I checked videos about installing OpenWrt on AX23 and it seems it is just downloading the firmware file and uploading it to the router interface. Is it really that easy? For the Xiaomi one you need to get a Linux OS and type list of commands and etc. If it is really just a few clicks for AX23, I am going to buy it real quick hahahah.

Actually both are of "easy" way, the hard way is when you need additional serial cable or open the case and solder something.

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Hahahaha you made me laugh so hard. I mean, I really appreciated that you are trying your best to help me and it made me smile. Thank you for your efforts. I will filter and look for the devices once I get home.

Well, in the video I am watching, the guy just connected router to his PC, then he installed firmware file and headed to router interface and clicked ''Upgrade''. Nothing fancy. If this is the process, I wont need to open the case or stuff like that.

Yes, you are correct.

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One of AQM called fq_codel is by default attached to wired interfaces, likely you just install OpenWRT and get like one bufferbloat grading up.
SQM is to fine-tune queue management to have best outcome possible for your games or video calls...

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This is DSL modem? You need a DSL modem to replace it, first check if you can set network mode to pass-through, its latency will hunt you otherwise.

Hey. Yes, it is a DSL modem and my infrastracture is vdsl. I don't know how to set network mode to pass-through, I am going to see about it and will inform you.

Cannot help, you really have to look in Turkish language forums.

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Sure thing. Thanks.

Maybe a second hand fritzbox 7520 might work as full vdsl and wifi router under OpenWrt?
Prices in Germany are in the 40-60 EUR range...


Thanks for informing. I will check for it.