Would like to improve my SQM settings

I'am subscribed to an wireless internet service provider because there is no other option. Since this summer they upped our speeds from 10/8 to 80/70 with variation (60-90)/(40-70) so the speed is not guaranteed.

They are using antenna on our roof which then goes to a poe injector that ultimately reaches our router, at the moment RT-AC51U (build 18.06.4)

I have succesfuly applied luci-app-sqm as results are shown in these videos:
before: https://youtu.be/QvjR_y1N2mk
after: https://youtu.be/vFZ4ucOt0Tw

Current settings:


Why do I want to alter current settings?
Despite the change in dslreports.com, I am still lagging behind other players in reaction time at online games while having ping of 12-18ms . I believe it is due to nature of WISP connection, but before accepting that I would like to eliminate every possibility. What could I change?

yes, wireless connections tend to introduce jitter which has to be compensated by applications providing interactive services (adding to percieved delay).

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I have changed from piece_of_cake to layer_cake and it improved networking stability in gameplay a lot, at the moment I'am trying to find out whether I'am overloading the router's cpu or not. I suppose the problem is solved

It seems my values are above 1, this is while running two YouTube videos at 1080p, does this mean I should buy a stronger gear

That is not a correct way to determine the CPU utilization. You are gonna need to install luci-app-statistics and look at the Statistics / Graphs / Processor charts or connect with ssh and use top -d 1 or install htop and use that one to see more details with htop -d 10.

thanks, once more I opened 5 youtube videos at 1080p and never did the cpu below ''Mem" pass 2% percent

Well, you need to watch idle: 100% - idle% is your utilization. Your 2% value does not include 30% sirq%

UPDATE: Because RT-AC51U has a single core CPU, then the idle value is all you need. Things are a bit more complicated when top is used on a multicore CPU.

Idle is always at 0%

It is 66% as per your screenshot...

Ah, I misread it, thanks for clarification :smile:

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So, it shows 34% utilization: you are 1/3 on your way to overload your router.

P.S. Just mark one of the answers as resolved.

cheers , will do

could you try switching back every other day to see if you can reproduce this?

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