Would like to be OpenWrt developer!


I am new to OpenWRT development and I have a relatively good knowledge of Embedded hardware, I do not have Linux kernel programming experience but I do have good C/C++ experience.

I have the passion to learn more and apply what I learn in real life of programming.

I want to be a developer for OpenWRT, but I do not know where from I start and what tasks I can do to be part of Openwrt developers community.

Therefore; If a developer here on OpenWRT platform is ready to be my mentor guiding me by giving real development tasks to do and to guide me from start steps (as a Junior developer) till I become a professional developer then it will be more than appreciated.

please let me know if a developer here would like to be a mentor for me. Thank you!

As ESR long ago said, find something that scratches your itch.
Everybody here helps mentor everyone.

First up, just start using it for something. Replace your home router with an off-the shelf build.

Second up is to just get a build going. The irc channel is very helpful for getting your first build up. Lastly, find something you want to fix!

I have a long list of little things I wish someone would pick up on, some of which don't need any openwrt to start on, notably the bcp38 package needs an update to nftables...



I think I solved the puzzle of the problem of where to start with OpenWRT development, I found a very practical books named: Building Embedded Linux Systems for Karim Yaghmour and Designing Embedded Hardware book.

I started with reading now and doing practical exercises on Openwrt development in my lab here, looking forward I can accomplish my goal and being active with openwrt developers soon.

later after i gain some good experience, I think i can be a mentor/coach myself to others who wants step by step guidance, till then I keep you updated.

Good luck all.

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yay! Happy hacking! One area that hasn't seen much work in openwrt yet has been the UWB chips, which have 50us latency and are used in things like airtags.


but find something you love and goferit.


Good! I finish the books (at least I get good grab of them) and I take UWB chips as my first project.
Thanks for sharing!

As ESR quite a while in the past said, track down something that scratches your tingle.
Everyone here helps guide everybody.

First up, simply begin involving it for something. Supplant your home switch with an off-the rack construct.

Second up is to simply get a form rolling. The irc channel is exceptionally useful for getting your most memorable development. Ultimately, find something you need to fix!

I have a considerable rundown of easily overlooked details I wish somebody would get on, some of which needn't bother with any openwrt to begin on, prominently the bcp38 bundle needs an update to nftables...
Please contact me here: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/would-like-dorado manana-to-be-openwrt-developer/139566

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All so find a old router from ebay to flash openwrt on so you can playaround with it. learn how to build and install-remove packages.

thx regarding your concern about the nftable conversion for bcp38. I have much guilt on not getting on that (it came from cerowrt originally) but rarely get time to code nowadays.

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Thanks Jeanamooy!

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