Would Attended sysupgrade miss default package changes?

I have read that by default in future versions there will be a change from wolfssl to mbeltls.
Since attended sysupgrade pulls current packages on a device, wouldn't attended sysupgrade miss default package changes like this?

To my knowledge, it would miss the removal of the unnecessary old default SSL lib (wolfssl), but would include the new default packages (mbedtls)

In the long run that may accumulate unnecessary packages into your build.

Thank you for the info. If both packages are in the upgrade, would it default to the new mbeltls?

Both libraries can coexist, but there are a few client packages that have variants and just one can be installed at a time. e.g. libustream-mbedtls and libustream-wolfssl cause conflict at install phase.

See e.g.


Thanks @hnyman that answers it.

This isn't mentioned in the wiki but I'll be glad to make a note for the users if you think it should be added.

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