WORKAROUND: MT7601 USB Wifi not working

SETUP: RPi with a MT7601 USB wifi adapter.

Setup I wanted:
WLAN0 = WAN (dhcp)
WLAN1 (MT7601) = LAN (AP mode)

I could not get the MT7601 adapter to be recognized until I loaded the kmod-mt7601u and mt7601u-firmware packages.

After I loaded those packages, the RPi recognized the adapter.

I COULD NOT get the radio to come up or the Access Point configuration to go active. I did some research and found out that the MT7601 kernel modules do not support AP mode.

My solution was to run AP mode on the built in wifi and use the MT7601 for the WAN:
WLAN0 (built in) = LAN (AP mode)
WLAN1 (MT7601) = WAN

Now it works flawlessly.


Hi, can I have a video explaining how to set this up

I did not succeed in the matter, please, a better video

If there was an explanation with pictures, it was better

You want fires with that?
And there are pictures, if you follow the links.

I haven't found the solution yet

I haven't found the solution yet