WNDR4300: upgrade from ar71xx to ath79

I would like to install openWRT 21.02 in my WNDR4300 v1. I already read here, but I get a warning during the upgraded (I tried to upload ath79 21.02 on ar71xx on 19.07.8). I cannot move first to ath79 on 19.07 since it is not available.
Can I proceed? Have I to reconfigure it from scratch?
Thank you


This message is normal, although alarming. It is due to the change of target and version.
Read this

I also had similar issues with the 3700v4 which is almost identical to the 4300.
I would recommend using a tftp install, or returning back to stock firmware, and than flash a factory image.
Both these ways work. Than configure from scratch.

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No. The kernel partition size was increased. Performing forced sysupgrade on this device will basically put it in recovery mode. Install from scratch, using recovery (the tftp based method) and factory image.

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hm ... that was the reason why I crashed a 3700v4 (almost identical to 4300) ? :wink:
Glad to hear an explanation.

Thank you. I will follow this way. How can I recover all the customization that I had on previous version?

You can try to import settings from previous 19.07, but you'll probably face issues doing this.
I would recommend reconfiguring from scratch. It doesn't take that much time.

Thank you, it depends on how deeply you've personalized it.

Restoring an ar71xx based config to an ath79 device is not safe, there are differences in multiple places (wireless paths, GPIO/ LED configurations and more). Only use the old configuration as reference for your new one.

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How can I do this?

Good article on the Wiki -

Once your configs have been saved, you can view them in a text editor, or print them out.

The process I use is to first backup the configs of the release I'm currently on.

Then, when the new release is installed, I back up those configs.

Finally, I use a file compare program to see the differences between my original configs and the new ones.

Example using Beyond Compare -

I finally installed 21.02 and applied all my customization. Thank you very much.

You're welcome.
Sometimes, starting from scratch is usefull, it'll make you practice setting up.

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